Aftercare and maintenance

After care for hair extensions and maintenance.

Aftercare and maintenance for hair extensions will require proper and maintenance for them to always look terrific!

When kept in there best condition can last up to 6 months. 

Your hair extensions will look there best when properly groomed.

Foremost, the best aftercare and maintenance for hair extensions advice is to braid your hair before shampooing and sleep.

Secondly, very important, when conditioning your hair, avoid the bond area. Not conditioning the bonded area of your hair extensions is essential to prevent slippage of the strands during there wear.

Third, the best tip, use the right hair extension brush. The proper hair extension brush is essential, so the hair will not tangle in the wrong brush. To brush your hair start at the ends, work your way up the shaft.

Please note, never go to sleep with wet hair, dry your hair before brushing, and remove any knots.

How should I care for my hair extensions?

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To care information on hair extensions check out our home maintenance page or simply contact us with your questions. An important tip is to braid your hair before bed or shampooing. This will help keep the hair from tangling. Remy Indian double drawn human hair extensions done with our special keratin cold fusion installation system.

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