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Welcome to hair extensions, an exclusive realm of hair additions. Hair extensions are a fantastic way to achieve the hairstyle you’ve wanted your whole life. Look like a star with this hot celebrity fashion trend!

Welcome to hair extensions; they will help add volume, increased length, or even add highlights and colour to your hair. The strand by strand systems is indeed amazingly long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

I hope to answer your questions and show you some insight into this beautiful way to have gorgeous, healthy hair that can help you.

Hair extensions with artist Betty Bizzarre

Betty Bizzarre has extensive experience in all facets of hair design, educated through more than four decades, we have the most comprehensive line up of natural-looking hair extension, in all different types of hair.

At Bizzarre Hair extensions, CA, our specialty is the strand by strand methods of installation, paired with high quality, expert control, and superb facilities and to give our clients the most pleasant hair extension experiences possible.

On this site, we will be showing and discussing with your trends and style; textures and shades; length and weight; bonds and beads; tools and glues; bleach and colour; and whatever concerns or questions you may have about hair extensions.

High-quality hair extensions

The strand by strand hair extension systems uses the best quality of hair for a reason being it’s intermixed with your natural hair requiring a smooth mix of hair. 

Single drawn hair is strands of hair containing shorter hair lengths throughout the strands. When this hair is installing, it can be harder to care for, cause snagging, and knotting. This hair may even cause extreme dreading or matting during regular wear making maintenance a vital issue.

For the best hair extension wear chosen for softer, smoother looks, is the strand by strand systems, and the double drawn hair lengths. Double drawn refers to all the lengths within the strands being the longest.

This high-quality human hair can be coloured to match the full spectrum of the colour range found in every hair colour line up in your salon. Our strand by strand hair extension systems will last up to six months with proper maintenance.

A free personal on-line consultation is needed as the general rules may vary for each person.


The consultation for hair extensions

We discussed the different systems and will help you decide if this service is right for you are during the consultation. We’re there to answer your questions concerning hair extensions. 

During the consultation, your stylist will analyze your hair to determine the colour, type, and quantity of extensions you will require to achieve your desired look.

Hair extensions are perfect for most people. However, there could be factors, such as unsuitable current hair condition, hair loss, or hair damage that could prevent extensions from being an option. 

You will also need to assess your willingness to maintain the extensions. If you need help with your hair extension care, please leave your comments or requests for information.

In conclusion

Without you, this data is pointless, so please, I encourage you to visit often and watch for upcoming tutorials, pictures, hair, products, information, and sales, all concerning hair extensions.

I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions or assist in any way I can please contact me. Thank-you




The home of hair extensions systems by Betty Bizzarre

The home of hair extensions systems by Betty Bizzarre. These are strand by strand methods that add fullness, color, and length to your hair, therefore, cresting texture. 

There are lots of ways to achieve hair length and fullness through adding hair. These include sewing, clipping, gluing, tubing, taping, linking, braiding, and numerous others.

Today our preferred method is the micro linking or cold fusion hair extension methods.

Strand by strand hair extension systems have become popular because of the painless, non-surgical procedure of achieving long fuller hair without damage to the client’s hair, and could provide long-lasting results of up to 5 to 6 months.

You might consider this method for the best results if your wish is to have a more natural look.

Bennifits in wearing hair extensions

The benefits of wearing hair extensions vary. For some, it’s a way to grow their hair out from a bad cut or chemical damage. Other’s cannot tolerate the stages in-between short to long. 

Some people need more volume, with or without additional length. Your natural hair growth will determine the length of time you will need to wear hair extensions.

  • Will your hair grow to be restored to it’s natural, healthy state?
  • Or will it always need to wear hair extensions?

Your initial process may require a maximum amount installed. As your natural hair grows longer, your artist may choose to install fewer extensions with each successive touch-up. The length and fullness of your desired hairstyle will determine this process of elimination. 

You may be able to grow your hair out from its present condition, following there recommendations. Your particular hair growth cannot be guaranteed, of course; ultimately, Mother Nature determines your hairs’ growth. 

Most people can successfully grow their hair out without any permanent damage or thinning due to wearing hair extensions. Layering or texture cutting is sometimes necessary to blend in commercial and natural hair together.

Benefits of Hair extension maintenance

The benefits of hair extensions maintenance are numerous. Maintenance for your hair extensions should be approximately every 8 – 12 weeks. This may vary depending on your hair texture. As a client’s natural hair grows, the “point of attachment” will move farther and farther away from the scalp. 

Since hair grows approximately one half an inch per month, the extensions should be one to two inches away from the scalp at the time of your next extension appointment. Postponing recommended touch-ups may result in matting or dreading due to fallen hair. The added weight caused by matting will put stress on the natural hair.  

Another factor to consider is “hair shedding”. The average person loses 50 – 100 hairs per day. Your hair will be unable to shed at the natural rate, being “trapped” in the bond. The bond design will last until the artist removes them. 

When you remove the extensions, it may look as if you’re losing a lot of hair at once. This can be an illusion. The artist will determine if this is normal or an excessive amount.

Proper maintenance will significantly impact the life of your extensions.


Installation requirements for hair extensions

Your hair should be at least 3″-4″ long to install the micro linking extensions. 

The cold fusion may be able to be applied at a shorter length, but both applications should be answered on a personal basis as every installation job can be different, requiring different rules. 

Although most people will go years without adverse effects from wearing hair extensions if their systems have been put in well with care and concern to your hair and scalp. 

We trust you to do your part to care for them (washing appropriately, getting maintenance every 2-3 months).  

Will hair extensions cause breakage.  

The loss of hair when you remove hair extensions is due to natural daily shedding. Without regular maintenance, the loss of hair can significantly increase at the time of removal.

Everyone loses between 100-200 hairs a day, and when they’re bonded with additions, they’re not falling out. So your fallen hair remains in the bonds till removal. These bonds are like hooks to other fallen hairs and matt-up to cause dreads.  That is the main reason for maintenance. To make sure that the problem doesn’t occur.

In conclusion

DO NOT disregard keeping your scheduled appointments because the attachments are still working. Regular touch-ups are critical in maintaining the health of your natural hair.

If you decide to discontinue wearing extensions before you reach the desired length, the artist cannot be held responsible for this layered effect. As professionals, she will make every effort to create an attractive hairstyle after removing the extensions. 

Services are subject to additional fees.





The best hair extensions.

For the best hair extensions, we use the purest quality, 100%, Remy Indian Human Hair, at the absolute best price!

Our human hair strands are handcrafted fresh and healthy. The strands are preciously colour to any shade, then processed in a ‘double drawn’ method ready for installation. *(no animal hair or synthetic content).

Our specialized installation techniques guarantee long-lasting results.  

Ensuring proper care and maintenance is provided. 

The strand by strand systems feels and moves naturally with free-flow movement.

The best hair extensions – certifications

Betty Bizzarre has multiple certifications in Euro Locs, Natural Lengths, Great Lengths, and micro links in all forms.

Exerting expertise throughout her 47 years within the industry and rained in many strands by strand systems.

She has worked and trained with top Canadian stylists from Vancouver, BC, Edmonton, Montreal, and Toronto.

Betty achieved advanced training in all areas of hairdressing, including the world-renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy, London, England, and Jingles Academy London, England. 

Her focus and talent in precision cuts and textured hair led to her develop a specialized cutting technique. With a 3-T ergonomically shaped shears, the specially designed cut is for long hairstyles.

Betty is creative in corrective colour expertise with knowledge in all colour brands.

The best hair extensions; specialty.

Bizzarre hair extensions CA began offering hair extension services in 2000.

We have hair in stock ready for installation. No one wants to wait for deliveries, and the cost adds to an already pricy service. 

We developed our system for immediate access to quality hair.


Overview on hair extension systems

We offer micro links and cold fusion systems.

Both these systems are the strand by strand methods, using the most beautiful high-quality hair.

Micro links are small copper rings that we install with a three-step process.

This process is guaranteed not to slip and lasts up to six months.

Cold Fusion is a keratin polymer using ultrasonic technology in forming soft bonds.

This system will not damage your hair. These hair extensions last three-five months.


Please feel free to contact me, subscribe, or for any questions or information you need on hair extensions. I will be happy to comply and will look forward to hearing your comments and questions.  

Thank you and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.




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